2017 is the 15th Birthday of The Strange Names Collective. I’d like to thank the innumerable people who have helped make the work, am everyone who’s come to see it. There’s no big party, but to mark the occasion, rather than a forward facing manifesto, here’s a backward facing Retrofesto. A kind of instruction set, for what has already happened, in preparation for what is yet to come:


Strange Names Collective Retrofesto:


1: Apologise for something that never happened.

2: Treat a lie as if it were true.

3: Hold on for too long.

4: Say something nice.

5: Talk about things that aren’t there.

6: Have people repeat what you say.

7: Give speeches for crimes.

8: Be happy for longer than recommended.

9: Discuss everything for too long.

10: Thank everyone you’ve ever met.

11: Start and never finish, keep starting.

12: Daydream.

13: (un)make patterns.

14: Remove something from/Apply something to – everything.

15: Apply/Embody – another perspective.

16: Tell stories.

17: Work with the animals that no one else wants to work with.

18: Be something by thinking about it.

19: Build something in your memory.

20: Have other people be the source of your research.

21: Invite other people to make parts of your work for you, and/or, with you.

22: Enjoy something gruesome.

23: Make jokes at your own expense.

24: Make something strange/wonderful.


Thats all.



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