I’m thinking about Woods, Trees, and Forests, and their relation to culture and civilisation. Rather than tell you what I’m thinking exactly, I’ll tell you what I’ve done, and show you an outcome.

I’ve spent some time exploring Greenham Common, the former military base which has now been returned to a natural site. Part of the site is called ‘The Bomb Shelter’, where during the Cold War munitions were stored. This is also a site of Ancient Woodland, where the trees have been growing without interference since the last ice-age.

Part of any process is about finding some kind of landscape/lived experience reference point, so in this project Woods/Forests fulfill that function perfectly.

The image below is a composite of my research photos of the leaves and trees of that ancient woodland, merged with the photos of the derelict remnants of the ‘Bomb Shelter’s’ tarmac. In this way I get to remember what I saw, but also to represent the sensation of those two ideas, an ancient woodland and a human structure, interacting.



And just for note, below are the images I used to make the image.


That’s all.

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