Returning to Theatre

I went to the theatre last night, to see the first live theatre show since the pandemic began… That’s not completely true. I’m a university lecturer, and so during the pandemic I’ve seen live student work, and I’ve seen online and recorded work, and those are all still ‘shows’. But still this was different. It... Continue Reading →

Dancing on the Roof

(Written in haste on the morning of 27th March.) She is dancing on the roof. I am watching a stranger dance, at a distance, across the rooftops of other buildings, from the window of a house in Bristol. She is on the tiles, a strange awkward stepping dance with 90 degree turns, stepping over the... Continue Reading →

Why Beckett? (Passion for your subject 1)

Why Beckett? (Passion for your subject 1) The ‘National Student Survey’ asks students to score how passionate their staff are about the subject they teach. I think this is a little unfair; when running from class to class, exhausted, under pressure, we don’t always have the energy reserves or the time to show or talk... Continue Reading →

The Geology of Memory

I imagine some people think of their memory as a straight line: They just remember back, back, and further back. Some think it is like a tapestry: Everything is connected, tied to everything else. Want to remember something? Find the thread... pull. For a long time memory was a palace to me. My mind had... Continue Reading →

The Generosity of the Fells.

The Generosity of the Fells - Starting ‘The Buried Moon’ - Climbing up The Old Man of Coniston: It was the official start of the creative process for 'The Buried Moon’. After proposing, the excitement of being accepted, and the flurry of meetings, and discussions, and plans: It was finally time to come to the... Continue Reading →

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