Welcome to The Strange Names Collective. We have been making work for 15 Years!


‘Blurs the line between performance art, stand-up and theatre’ Timeout

‘Comically Nightmarish… Very Funny’ Live Art Magazine



The Strange Names Collective is currently touring The Naming of Clouds and developing a new project ‘The Parliament of Owls’ with the Testbeds Scheme at the University of Bedfordshire.


The Strange Names Collective is the Performance work of artistic director Philip Stanier and collaborators. The collective creates performances exploring the gaps between concepts and their manifestation in contemporary culture.

The collective has worked with numerous collaborators, employing writing, photography, video, the subversion of performative structures and audience contribution/participation, to present projects in varied forms.

Projects have included: A 24 hour performance on the subject of happiness, the after show discussion for the worst show in the world ever, a never ending ribbon cutting ceremony, and currently an exploration of a life in the clouds.


Audience Quotes:

“Absolutely hilarious (in that very good way where there’s a faint edge of unease about the reasons why you are laughing), constantly unpredictable.”

“Fascinating! At times bizarre, unusual, thought-provoking. Throughly enjoyable.”

“It was a truly enjoyable evening full of charm, visually engaging, and fun!”

“Thank you so much for your generous helping of happiness, I wish I’d had more time.”

“My daydreams while listening to you took me to childhood, racing down the stairs in a sleeping bag toboggan, and then to now and being happy and learning about happiness.”

“Thank you very much you remind me a lot of the good things in life.”



Find the River.

My wife thought it was a bizarre thing for me to do, but then she correctly says this of many things I do. My sister-in-law said I was at risk of hypothermic shock, and technically this was correct. So off I went. Amy Sharrocks had organised an outdoor swim in the Thames in Reading. I …


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